Can Charcoal Water Help with Migraines? Experts Share Insights

Migraines are really bad headaches that make you feel sick and sensitive to light and sound. Sometimes, regular medicines don’t work well for migraines. So, some people try things at home to feel better.

Sonnalli Seygall, a person who had migraines, tried drinking charcoal water to help her feel better. She shared a picture of herself holding a glass of charcoal water and said she had a bad migraine that day.

Sonnalli Seygall thinks charcoal water might be good for migraines because it can make your body less acidic. But is charcoal water really a good way to stop migraines? We asked some experts to find out.

A nutritionist named Nupuur Patil said that charcoal can absorb bad stuff in your belly and might help take out toxins. Some people believe that if you clean your body from toxins, it might help with migraines. But Nupuur Patil said we need more research to be sure.

Another expert, Shruti Bhardwaj, who knows a lot about diets, said charcoal water is not proven to stop migraines. She said it’s better to use things that have been shown to work, like drinking water, managing stress, getting enough sleep, and not eating foods that make migraines worse.

If you want to try charcoal water for migraines, Nupuur Patil says to be careful. Talk to a doctor first, especially if you’re sick or taking medicine. Start with a little bit of charcoal in water, like 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon, and mix it well before drinking.

Even though Sonnalli Seygall likes charcoal water for migraines, experts say it’s important to be safe and ask a doctor before trying it.

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