The Cincinnati Reds were on an incredible 12-game winning streak, aiming to make history with a 13th consecutive victory. However, the Atlanta Braves had other plans, and in a thrilling ninth inning showdown, they managed to halt the Reds' historic run

The Braves' Raisel Iglesias faced off against the Reds' Jake Fraley and Will Benson, who hit back-to-back solo homers. Despite the tense moment, Iglesias regained his composure and struck out Matt McLain and Jonathan India, securing a 7-6 victory for the Braves

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The game was a high-scoring affair, with both teams hitting a total of eight home runs. This brought the combined home run count to an astonishing 17 over the course of two games in the series. The Reds' recent win over the Braves showcased their impressive offensive power

Notable home runs in the game included Matt Olson's 200th career home run, as well as Travis d'Arnaud and Ozzie Albies contributing to the Braves' offensive onslaught. Graham Ashcraft, the Reds' pitcher, faced a tough challenge as he allowed three home runs for the first time in his big league career

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The game attracted a massive crowd, with 43,498 fans in attendance, marking the Reds' first consecutive full-capacity sellouts in years. The electric atmosphere resembled that of a playoff game, with fans energizing the players and contributing to the intense on-field action

The Atlanta Braves, fueled by their recent successes, including nine wins in their last ten games, showcased their resilience and determination. Manager Brian Snitker emphasized the importance of maintaining focus until the final out and praised his team's ability to compete against tough opponents

The match between the Braves and the Reds not only entertained fans but also served as a learning experience for both teams. It highlighted their strengths and weaknesses and helped them grow as cohesive units. The Braves and Reds continue to strive for greatness as they navigate the challenges of the baseball season

Relive the captivating moments of this historic game and witness the clash between two powerhouse teams. Follow the Atlanta Braves as they put an end to the Cincinnati Reds' incredible winning streak in an epic slugfest that will be remembered for years to come

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Atlanta Braves Halt Cincinnati Reds' 12-Game Winning Streak in Epic Slugfest